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The Magical Tails of Cooper and Mini

Fully illustrated book. Title: The Magical Tails of Cooper and Mini
Author: C.S. Cauffman

Cooper and Mini are two little dogs searching for big adventures on their little farm. One day, the two little dogs find themselves in big trouble. That's when Cooper makes an amazing discovery, his great big tail contains a little bit of magic!

Unicorns are Real

Fully illustrated book. Title: Unicorns are Real
Author: Melissa Moats

Looking for the perfect bedtime story for your little one? Unicorns Are Real is the bedtime story you've been searching for, to drift off to dreamland again and again! Some children go to sleep at night, while others sneak off with their favorite unicorn.

Freckly Fried Fish

Fully illustrated book. Title: Freckly Fried Fish
Author: Melissa Moats

Calling all picky eaters with wild imaginations! You’ll laugh out loud as you relate to every fussy food frustration! This clever rhyming book will have you thoroughly amused - As plate after plate and meal after meal gets grouchily refused! Is there really anything tastier than candy or cake? Mama is losing patience as she runs out of food to make. Find out what happens when fish is served for dinner!

The Moon is Peeking

Fully illustrated book. Title: The Moon is Peeking
Author: Dr. Aubrie De Bear

When the moon takes her chance to peek during the day she can't help but compare herself to the bright sun, strong wind, and beautiful flowers. The moon wonders if she is important, and soon realizes that everyone has something wonderful to offer! The moon is unique and special in her own ways, just like each and every one of us.

Greenie the Tractor Genie

Fully illustrated book. Title: Greenie the Tractor Genie
Author: Lindsey Sink

Come join Greenie the Tractor Genie on his adventures outside the farm. Greenie wants to see where will Genie powers take him. Is the farm life for him or are there other places where he can make new friends?

Back to School with Ramona Corona

Fully illustrated book. Title: Back to School with Ramona Corona
Author: Sherry Franks-Moses

Unsure of what the 2020-21 school year will bring, Sophia begins school with lots of questions. She is going back to school following the Coronavirus epidemic and not sure what to expect. She has to learn the new school safety/health rules for staying safe while at school. The school routine is a little different, in order to provide a safe and comfortable learning environment for everyone. As you read the story look for Ramona Corona on the pages staring, gazing, observing, and examining everything Sophia is doing at school.

A Puppy for Lily

Fully illustrated book. Title: A Puppy for Lily
Author: Delana Inman

Join Lily and Niko on an exciting adventure to the fall festival - where her imagination takes flight and her dreams come true!

Tiny Brown Dancer

Fully illustrated book. Title: Tiny Brown Dancer
Author: Stacy Hester-Lockett

Laila is a tiny brown dancer. She has tiny hands, tiny feet and is different from every dancer she meets. Laila has great technique and dances with a beautiful grace, but she is sometimes stared at because of her brown face.

Making Friends with Murphy

Fully illustrated book. Title: Making Friends with Murphy
Author: Marilyn Paa

It is challenging to look different from others around you. Murphy, a young labradoodle is a mixed breed puppy. He is part poodle and part labrador, which some others criticize. Murphy learns to be proud of who he is and what he looks like. he realizes his many strengths and talents.

Miracle: A True Story

Fully illustrated book. Title: Miracle: A True Story
Author: Judy Sink

This adventure comes from a classroom science activity, follow along with the students as they make a surprising discovery that inspires perseverance and kindness.

You Can Do It, Too!

Fully illustrated book. Title: You Can Do It, Too!
Author: Dr. Andrew R. Marley

Michael and Elaine come home from school one day feeling sad because they don't think they are as talented as other kids at school who excel in sports or performance. Thankfully, Mom and Dad are there to comfort them, help them recognize that they are incredibly talented, and promote the importance of doing well in school as they cultivate their talents. With the help of eye-catching illustrations and thoughtful rhyming, "You Can Do it, Too!" is a poem teaching kids that talent comes in all forms, encouraging them to celebrate their talents, and motivating them to do well in school.

Katie Moves Away

Fully illustrated book. Title: Katie Moves Away
Author: Marilyn Paa

Kristy and Katie, two Labradors, are neighbors and best friends. They are sadly separated when Katie moves far away. This is the story of how Kristy copes with the pain of missing her friend. It is also about the healing nature of meeting new friends. Katie Moves Away is a book that children will enjoy over and over again.

My Animal Family: My Father My Mother And Me

Fully illustrated book. Title: My Animal Family: My Father My Mother And Me
Author: Delores Smith

We meet all of our animal friends and learn about their names. My father is a rooster. My mother is a hen. And I am a baby chick! There are so many animal families that we will learn about in this story.

Crafty Todd

Fully illustrated book. Title: Crafty Todd
Author: Christina Ruggiero

Todd loves playing with his building blocks and has lots of plans on how to make perfect towers. Another boy has no plans and just wants to have fun. Todd spouts all his reasons why his method is the best, but can both the boys get along and share the building blocks? Join in and learn more about sharing with this fun and adorable book.

My Family Vacation: Trip To Kokomo

Fully illustrated book. Title: My Family Vacation: Trip To Kokomo
Author: J.L. Johnson

My Family Vacation is a fun children's book about a family trip and all the interesting things they get to see and experience. This story also teaches how to handle impatience, manners and to always be grateful! There is always time for a fun adventure with reading!

I Am A King

Fully illustrated book. Title: I Am A King
Author: Elizabeth Elliott

We meet Amari and his mom on the night she decides to skip the disturbing nightly news to turn her son's bedtime into a compelling journey through the rich history of Africa and the extraordinary contributions that African Americans have made to the world. Amari is amazed at the colorful stories of Africa's Kings, Queens and riches which never make it into the history books.

Ramona Corona

Fully illustrated book. Title: Ramona Corona
Author: Sherry Franks-Moses

When six-year-old Sophia learns she can no longer attend school with her friends, her imagination begins a journey of its own. Sophia learns about the Coronavirus, and she concludes it must be a bully named Ramona Corona. This light-hearted story is from Sophia's point of view, and how Ramona Corona has changed their lives forever.

Little Differences

Fully illustrated book. Title: Little Differences
Author: Brittanie Thompson

Join Katie and her friends as they learn about their classmates and how everyone is affected by bullying. We take a journey growing together as Katie helps everyone make new friends and learns valuable lessons about bullying and the power of friendship.

An A to Z of Inventions and Innovations That Changed the World

Fully illustrated book. Title: An A to Z of Inventions and Innovations That Changed the World
Author: Denise Branch

There are many inventions throughout time that bring comfort to our day to day lives. But who invented them and why? Through this book you will stretch your imagination and learn how much our world has grown and changed through the creative minds of these inventors and their inventions that changed the world.

The Adventures of Davey P. Haisey

Fully illustrated book. Title: The Adventures of Davey P. Haisey
Author: Bridget Aragon

Davey P. Heisey's birthday is today and he is ready to celebrate with all of his friends, except, oh no! His cheese has gone missing, how is he going to follow his tradition of cheese and cookies with all his animal friends?

The Shut-In Button

Fully illustrated book. Title: The Shut-In Button
Author: Z.P. Phillips

Buttons fall off jackets all the time, but how often do they pop off on purpose? In this Family Fable about living life to its fullest, we follow a baby button who avoids adventure to stay as pristine and new as the day he was born.

The Lumpiest Pumpkin

Fully illustrated book. Title: The Lumpiest Pumpkin
Author: Z.P. Phillips

It has been said that to pick a perfect pumpkin one must look past it's size and shape to what lies within. In this tale about a girl on her quest to win a carving contest, she stumbles upon an unsuspecting pumpkin and takes that lesson to heart.


Compromises We Make

Book cover. Title: Compromises We Make

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